How Much Does It Cost?

Our standard transcription service turnaround times range from express (under 24 hours), to a cheaper rate for 1 day, 3 day, 5 day or 8+ day options.  Simply choose the turnaround time that suits your budget and urgency.

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Our standard transcription service rates are calculated per audio minute and depend on the number of participants and turnaround time.  We would be happy to give you a precise rate based on your needs.

How Long Does It Take?


Transcription Services


Our clients include individuals, companies, universities and governments.  Our clients choose our transcribing services because of our excellent reputation for accuracy with many local dialects and our ability to apply the required subject matter and terms.  Our client requirements typically include dictations, interviews, focus group research, teleconferences, key boardroom meetings, and many other important conversations, as well as data capture activities.

Our transcribers are sourced and approved to ensure The Write Transcribers provides its

clients with accurate transcripts.  We contract a pool of audio transcribers for both local and 

international work.  Our transcription teams transcribe all english dialects worldwide, cover a

wide range of subject matter, and undertake required research to ensure important

meanings or terms are applied in the production of transcripts.